The Woman behind the blog…

For those who don’t know, my name is Alexandra…Ally for short. I’m 23 years old and I’m a recent English Literature graduate. I’ve pretty much always been a better writer (privately) than a speaker. I don’t necessarily have the confidence to make a Youtube channel as such, but I definitely feel like I have a lot I can bring to the table through my writing…

I’ve had my fair share, or maybe even more than fair share, of trials and tribulations. I feel like the kind of adversity I’ve faced at different times has manufactured this creative hub inside of me and I just want to share my experiences and growth so as to inspire a ‘younger Ally’ who’s gone through similar situations or even going through them now…

With that said, I’m not some advice guru, but I think I’ve definitely become more grounded as the years (I say this as if I’m in my mid 30s) go by…I really want to make a difference in the world and touch on topics that I think our modern day bloggers shy away from. Not because they don’t experience them, but because some of the most thought-provoking issues are waist-deep in the grey area that people tend to step away from them.

Being mixed race and being raised by the black half of my family, I’ve experienced adversities in the form of lack of racial representation and more commonly racism. But with that put to one side for now, I’ve experienced life in ways far greater than just the tone of your skin or that the average person has experienced. Living in Kenya as a teenager really shaped me to be the woman that I am. I learnt how to develop independence and maturity far beyond my age and to experience a culture that my mother only dreamed to return to whilst living in South East London.

Now independently based in the South-coast and after the four most painful yet rewarding years of my life…I have a degree and as I am typing away I’m still not completely sure what to do with it. I have a quarter-written book that I hope to publish (realistically speaking early 2019 would be ideal) and I want the world to hear my voice; Both through my book and through this blog, of course.

I’m also a massive fan of all things curly hair related…being that I’ve gone from weaved-up and bleached-out to natural curls all day, err’day, I would also like to incorporate that into my blog to help inspire other curly gang members (and anyone else interested in the natural hair journey) as well as continuing with my own natural hair journey and documenting it!

I’m quite thick-skinned…so I’m open to all conversations whether they come in the form of criticism or praise!

2 Replies to “The Woman behind the blog…”

  1. I’m so proud of you Ally, you truly are an inspiration to all ages. I have already enjoyed reading your intro blog and I’m looking forward to reading more; I have a feeling you will attract many young woman/men who will relate to your emotional journey.

    Again, I am very proud of you and love you lots xxx Aunty Dee xxx


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