If you’re reading this then firstly I’d like to say welcome..

You are wondering or interested to know more about what ‘More Than A Woman’ entails. Other than the obvious (the blog name really does give it away) I created this blog because I really wanted to give more than the ever growing and popular fashion and beauty base. I personally am a massive fan of the trends, the hype, the ‘most popular’ on all social media platforms…however keeping it all the way real, I’m just not that into it to make a blog that has already been done, especially when the majority of my favourite bloggers and social media personalities are already doing it so well.

More Than A Woman is about talking about the grey areas in between the black and white. The things that happen that you divulge with your friends but wouldn’t openly discuss. The ‘keeping it real’ life truths behind the things that people like to paint as ‘#goals.’ The little, or extravagant things that women can relate to…whether being in that situation or knowing someone else who’s been through it. The topics, things and adversities that make us MORE than a Woman.

I’ve struggled to identify with blogs that support this kind of ethos and so my aim is to establish weekly topics and discussions, things that are authentic to my life as well as identifying with other women out there, too.

I promised myself that I would make a difference, so I hope that through my writing and this blog I’m able to do just that…Welcome!